Gardening Tips for Beginners in India 2022

 Gardening Tips for Beginners in India 2022-

Gardening does not have to be costly; you can enjoy a plentiful harvest on a small budget with a few helpful tips and careful planning. Taking a few moments to visually create your space and then making a list of needed items will keep you on the path to gardening success.

gardening tips for beginners in india
gardening tips for beginners in India

Budget-friendly Gardening Tips:

• Start with Seeds – You will quickly find that seeds cost significantly less than plants. You can buy them in bulk and share with others, or keep some and use the rest for bartering at a seed exchange. Seeds are easily started using nearly any type of small container such as egg cartons or butter tubs. Then, they get transplanted in the garden when they become seedlings.

• Buy Flats – If you must buy plants, you can typically get a discount if you purchase an entire flat. If you have a few fellow gardeners with you and you all buy flats of different plants, you can share.

• Skip the Nursery – While you may love walking through the doors of your trendy local nursery, you are generally going to spend more than you would elsewhere. Shop at local gardening clubs and plant sales and look for opportunities often offered where you can earn free plants by volunteering to dig and divide for a greenhouse.

• Think Through Your Selection – If you are on a budget, choose plants that are inexpensive and easy to grow. These include green beans, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, spinach, tomatoes, radishes, bell peppers, summer squash, and basil.

• Compost – It just makes sense to compost! It is good for the environment and your garden. Rather than purchasing fertilizer, create a compost bin for table scraps, coffee grounds, leaves, etc. Composting is a lot easier than most people think.

Grow Organically – You don’t need to spend your money on harsh chemicals. There are plenty of natural ways to keep harmful pests away. Take the time to learn which bugs are friendly and consider introducing a toad to your garden to take care of many of those that are not.

Gardening on a budget takes a little planning but is extremely rewarding. There is nothing quite like saving money and enjoying foods that you have grown yourself!

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