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 A drone attack near the Abu Dhabi airport killed at least three people sparking multiple explosions in the United Arab Emirates capital. India's ambassador to the UAE, Sanjay Sudhir, has now confirmed to beyond that.

  Two Indian nationals have been killed in the attack at the construction site which had oil tankers. Yes, so there has been some explosion at the oil tanks Of Adcock, the Abu Dhabi national oil company, and in that incident, three persons have died. Uh of these two are Indians.

  We are just uh liaising with local authorities to get more details on the identity of the Indians, so well we're in the process of getting there we're getting more details about the two Indians who have died in this incident. For us, the top priorities at this point in time are to a certainty, asserting the identity of the Indians who have died and also reaching out to their families and providing them. Whatever assistance is possible, the Indian embassy is in the process of trying to ascertain the identity of those killed and is coordinating with the UAE authorities for more details.

  The attack was claimed earlier by Yemen's Houthi rebels. The Houthis are battling a Saudi-led coalition that includes the UAE in Yemen. They have frequently launched such cross-border missile and drone attacks on Saudi Arabia but have claimed very few such attacks on the UAE, the three people that were killed and six others were injured when three fuel tanker trucks exploded in an industrial area.

  The Houthis military spokesperson, meanwhile, has said that the group launched a military Operation called deep in the UAE and would announce important military operations in the coming hours. The UAE had largely scaled down its military presence in Yemen in 2019, and this was amid a military stalemate and heightened regional tensions with Iran, but continues to control through the Yemeni forces that it armed and subsequently foreign earlier this month. A UAE flagship was Also saved by Yemen's Houthi rebels.

  Seven Indian crew members were present on that vessel. The ministry of external affairs said that the government of India is making all efforts to secure their early release now to discuss this news development further joining us live now is afp news agency bureau chief in gulf in yemen, thalik harris who joins us live now from Dubai, thank you so much for joining us on. We honor this our my first question To you: we're getting reports of a drone attack near abu dhabi airport, which has killed at least three people, including two indians.
  Yet the uae government has been very tight-lipped about it. In fact, it is the houthis who have in fact claimed the attack first. So why is that? These are still investigating they're, not sure about the exact circumstances.

  They have said that it was um a suspected drone attack. They found some Uh. What they said was uh small flying objects around the attack, which uh were possibly from drones, so they are flagging the possibility of an attack without saying quite quite about putting it in quite those words um.

  So it looks like it is well an attack, but they are not saying that the houthis, I think, have not directly claimed it, or at least anyone in a in a position of high responsibility with the houthis um. So it is still not entirely confirmed, But it does look very much like some kind of attack has gone on um, although we we, we still don't know if it is an attack and and if so, who, who who did it right now uh. My second question: for you: have there been any previous such attacks that have not made it to the public domain and what lies ahead? Well, um.
  We don't it's hard to know really um. I don't Think so. Um there have not been any confirmed attacks that I know of in uri at all um, it's an incredibly safe place.

  So for anything like this to be happening here is really quite extraordinary. Um uh, maybe there has been uh things that have been happening in the background that have not been um made public, which would raise the question of. Why is this one particularly being being made Public? I I guess, presumably because there are deaths involved and you um and you have to uh, to to uh, be quite public and quite open about what's happening there.

  Um uh there are there. There are occasional incidents, um that you, you wonder, um. If something else was going on, but it would be pure speculation, and so it's Very hard, it's very hard for me to say if there's been anything else of this nature happening before I i just don't know right, i'm just talking about what the houthi military spokesperson Has said it said that the group launched a military operation called deep in the uae and would announce more important military operation in the coming hours.
  Are there any details about what this military operation will entail and is There a fear that there may be more such attacks? Well, if they're announcing some kind of military operation, then yes, there will be fewer more attacks and that will be deeply concerning for the uae and people who live here, um uh as to um. Sorry. What was the first part of the question right? Sorry right, uh! Mr palak harris yes, Thank you so much for all those insights and thank you for joining us on beyond at this hour, thanks very much for more clarity on this news development joining us now is our principal diplomatic, correspondent, siddhant sybil, who joins us from new delhi.

  As well as our pakistan bureau, chief anus malik, who joins us from islamabad, siddhanta i'd like to take the first question from you. We know that two indians have been killed in the drone Attack near abu dhabi airport. Have they been identified yet and can we expect a statement from the indian government on the same? Well? Yes, we can expect a statement from the indian government very soon.

  As of now, as you pointed out, the indian mission is trying to ascertain the identities of the two indians who have died in this incident uh, but largely the seven year long. Civil war in yemen now looks like to have a spillover impact in The wider west asian region, and there india can be impacted because remember, india has a huge diaspora in the in the entire gulf region and, of course, uae. Approximately 3.

  3 million indians are there in uae. In fact, dubai is said to be the best run, indian city, and now these attacks taking place. This is the second such incident taking place in matter of three weeks impacting indian interests.

  As you pointed out, on the third of january of vessel ua flag vessel was Hijacked and uh the crew members, seven of them were indians. India raised the matter at the united nations security council and the security council had issued a strongly voted statement asking the houthi rebels uh to uh to to make sure that these crew members are released as soon as possible. But, of course, more headache for india.

  As to the situation in yemen intensifies and goes back to us right, sudhan thanks for those Inputs, let's now cut across to pakistan, to islamabad from where our bureau chief joins us from manus malik now honest, it is being reported that, among the three killed is also A pakistani national any details in the public domain about the same about the identity and has the pakistan government reacted to the same yet. Well, the details are being ascertained as we speak. Diplomatic sources indicated.

  The pakistani mission in abu dhabi is in Touch with the uae government and they are in the process of verifying the details of the pakistani national uh, who has been killed in this attack now uh. What is what is uh pertinent to be mentioned is the fact that uh in a short while from now we'll be hearing from the pakistani ministry of foreign affairs um in a statement that is to be issued very shortly, as we understand as what we've learned from Diplomatic sources and they will be Putting out a condemnation as well as well as that uh they are trying to ascertain detail and trying to get in touch with the family of the person who has died. Uh, it is being hinted that he can possibly be from the province of kpk.

  Pakistan has a huge diaspora living in the gulf country gulf countries, particularly uh. In the UAE itself. There are about 2.
  8 million Pakistanis that reside in the UAE, let alone uh, who have been working and most of them hail From the areas of hybrid Partum, hua and punjab itself. Uh now, with regards to this particular incident uh, we will be seeing a statement very shortly but uh by and large with regards to Houthis, uh houthi militias attacks against the Saudi or the uae government of the Emirati installations. We've repeatedly been seeing the Pakistani government putting out statements and condemning the act Priyanka right, anus, malika, Pakistan, Chief thanks so much for all those inputs and thanks to dhan sybil who joined us from new delhi we on world is one is now available in your Country to download the app now and get all the news updates on the move.

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