Should You Rely on Artificial Intelligence when Finding Love?

 Should You Rely on Artificial Intelligence when Finding Love?

Should You Rely on Artificial Intelligence when Finding Love?
Should You Rely on Artificial Intelligence when Finding Love?

Single men and women searching for love online often ask this question. Almost every dating site has its own matching system, but people still hesitate to use them. Here we have summed up the pros and cons of relying on matching systems

Pros of AI-based algorithm

Two opinions support smart matchmaking. First of all, it saves time. For example, more than 1 million users log in to Zoosk every day. Your abilities are way too narrow to browse all of them and find people that fit you. The system automatically chooses singles matching you according to the information you provided in your profile.

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Some websites also send 3 to 5 matches every day to your email inbox. You can quickly check what the day brings and either get to know them better or just skip the email and proceed.

Cons of AI-based algorithm

On the other hand, nobody knows you better than yourself. It’s difficult to entrust your happiness to a machine. One of the crucial aspects is that people don’t share everything on their profiles. For example, in answer to the question “What music do you like?” a man writes “Classical” but omits the fact that rock music is also his favorite. The system matches him up with a woman who likes classical music but can’t stand rock. They won’t be discussing music then…

The next thing is lies. Yes, everyone lies on their dating profiles. You don’t need to be a scammer to lie about your appearance, income, or hobbies. We like to appear better than we are, especially in situations when face-to-face communication is impossible at first.

How to Deal with It

First of all, you should get to know yourself. When you understand your aims, wishes, and vision of life, you will easily find a partner who thinks the same as you. If you need assistance, it’s available in many formats. There is a myriad of online dating articles you can read, giving you advice on how to create your dating profile or how to prepare for your first date. There are also dating coaches who will work with you and help you choose the most appropriate people to email or respond to. The point is, there are endless ways for you to learn more about online dating, and it should be your responsibility to do the research, as only you truly know where you need the most help.

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