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 How to Deal with Scammers

Dating sites are easy prey for scammers. They know how to manipulate people’s feelings and weaknesses. So how can an online dater protect oneself from scammers? Well, the statistics say that the more you know about a possible threat, the less likely you are to become their victim.

How to Deal with Scammers
 How to Deal with Scammers

We’ve gathered some basic tips on dealing with online dating scams:

Know Your Enemy

Scammers register on dating sites to defraud people looking for real love online. Doing so became easier lately because everyone has gotten used to building emotional connections without interacting face-to-face. The scammers’ goal is not true love, but your wallet. They will tell you that you’re the one and that they’re head over heels in love and simply need a few hundred dollars for a flight to your place. As soon as you send them money, their love disappears, as well as their profile from the site.

Detect a Scammer

You won’t need to waste your time communicating with scammers if you detect them at once. Here are a few signs to look out for.

Scammers hunt for your money. They won’t leave it for later. If within 3-4 messages a person asks you about your income or any other money-related questions, it’s better to step back and end your chat before it’s too late.

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They aren’t willing to meet you in person. Scammers may tell you how much they want to meet you in real life, but at the last moment some force majeure happens, and they cancel everything. They keep you on the hook till the next meeting is scheduled and then come up with another excuse. Of course, not all people that refuse to meet you are scammers, but the chances are rather high.

Scammers are unlikely to send you a pic of their face or have a video chat with you. Sometimes they send you photos but refuse to if you request that they do something specific as they might not have any photos of the person they’re impersonating that would fit. Here you have to be careful because a person can be shy and lack the confidence to talk to you. But, if it goes hand-in-hand with messages about money, you have to think again.

Usually, scammers insist on switching the mode of communication. In such a way, if you move to email, the dating site won’t be able to notify you about the suspicious actions of the user. Also in such a situation, you’re focused on a scammer and you don’t get distracted by other members.

One more fact to notice is unrealistically appealing profile photos or overly attractive profile info. You may get distracted by their rich lifestyle and model appearance and forget about taking precautions.

Protect Yourself

The earlier you ask about a date, the better. Most scammers won’t ever meet you as they are simply not in your city or even country.

Do some research. You can run the photo you get through a Google photo search, and if you find it somewhere else and with another name – you definitely should stop communicating with this person. If you can’t get a photo, do a Google Search by name and see what comes up.

If You Suspect Someone is a Scammer

Some people hesitate to report a user even if they are suspected to be a scammer. The conversation is nice or you may think that just ignoring the user will work. The fact is that you’re not the only one. The scammer may communicate with dozens of singles on the site at one time. If you suspect someone, it’s better to report them to website administrators to protect yourself and other members online.

Follow these simple tips to enjoy safe online dating!

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