7 Mistakes when Choosing Your Username (And How to Fix Them)

 7 Mistakes when Choosing Your Username (And How to Fix Them)

Usernames are similar to newspaper headlines. If the title is catchy, you want to read the full article. That’s why your name on the site should draw attention and encourage people to get in touch with you. Here we gathered the top 7 mistakes people make while creating a profile and how to avoid them.

7 Mistakes when Choosing Your Username
 7 Mistakes when Choosing Your Username 

1. Good Username for the Wrong Website

Would you reply on Facebook to someone whose nickname is PrettyFlower or CharmingHero? Such witty usernames sound weird for Facebook because you need to use your real name. Every website supposes the use of specific usernames and ignoring this is your sure-fire path to failure. On Tinder or Bumble, use your first name, on others you may show your creativity and choose a nickname that will display your personality and make a statement from the beginning.

2. Underestimate Yourself

You’ll have lots of chances to show your flaws, but nicknames aren’t the best way to do it. Make a statement about your good sides. The statistics reveal that men browse profiles containing such words as “pretty”, “sweet”, and “beautiful” more often than others. Women tend to like usernames that emphasize the physical build of a man.

3. Forget about Your Music Taste

Everyone likes music, and you’re lucky to find a person with similar music preferences. Revise the lyrics of your favorite band or singer, find a catchy phrase, and immediately use it as your username. By doing that, you not only stand out from the crowd of boring usernames but also attract people who guess the song.

4. Hide Your Brain

Your appearance makes the first impression, but your personality keeps the conversation going and brings you the date. People say that intelligence is sexy, and we can’t help but agree with this point.

Some usernames focus on intellect, for example, “BeautyAndBrains,” “SmartAF”.

If you want to show off your college alma mater or meet fellow alumni, you can include the school you went to, as in usernames like “HarvardMD” or “MITEngineer”.

5. Ignore Appearance While Looking for Casual Dates

If serious love isn’t your aim, you don’t need to go full depth into a person’s interests, hobbies, and dreams. Your aim is to attract through appearance. “SexyAndHot”, “TemptingBeauty” or “AppealingGirl” will catch your attention and bring you more matches.

Just be honest in your intentions so that you meet people who are there for the same reason. Such usernames as “nothing serious”, “AdultFun” or “OneNightOnly” will let people know your goals, and only users that are interested in casual dating will contact you.

6. Be Pessimistic

Men and women consider love and flirting as inspiration. Keep your profile positive mood and use upbeat keywords such as kind, smile, or happy.

7. Ignore Your Interests

When creating a username for your profile, think of your interests apart from your day job. A potential date needs to know there’s space for you in his or her life and what a possible weekend date would be like together. “YogaPreacher”, “MarathonGuy” or “DancingQueen” will say more about you right off the bat and attract attention to your personality.

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