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 What is Seroquel

The Seroquel is Basically A Medicine, in this article, we will be talking about How long does it take for Seroquel to put you to sleep. The medicine Seroquel is used in the treatment of many types of mental diseases like unconsciousness or many other mental diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.

What Are Seroquel, Side Effect, Uses and Dosages of Seroquel
 What Are Seroquel, Side Effect, Uses, and Dosages of Seroquel 

Its generic name is QUETIAPINE, so we can also know Seroquel as QUETIAPINE, so if we take the name of QUETIAPINE instead of Seroquel, then you do not need to be confused because it is the name of the same tablet, the difference is That The Another One is a generic name.

If you have a disease of hallucinations or your memory is weak or you have any type of forgetfulness, then this medicine is very useful for you in all of them.

In today's article, we will talk about this medicine Seroquel. We will cover all the other details in this article about the side effects of Seroquel.

How To Use Seroquel Medicine?

We have given you all the details of what Seroquel medicine is, in which diseases it is useful for, but now we will tell you how to use Seroquel tablets. We will tell you all these details below, what things you have to take special care of while taking this medicine, and how you have to take that medicine.

You can also learn how to treat Seroquel by reading the Medication Guide. When you take the Seroquel tablet, you are given a guide along with it. In which you can read all the instructions.

From whichever pharmacist you buy Seroquel, you can also ask the exact details about how you have to consume this tablet and what are the precautions to be taken while Taking it.

seroquel tablet is to be taken by mouth every night at bedtime. One thing to keep in mind while taking this tablet is that you do not have to take an overdose of the tablet because this tablet comes with high power, so overdosage can also be harmful to you.

Some Precautions About Seroquel

Seroquel is available in tablet form in various strengths (25 mg, 50 mg, 100 mg, 200 mg, 300 mg and 400 mg).

It can be taken with or without food. Patients who have the problem of Gasting should take Seroquel tablets after food and if it is taken at night after food then it is even better.

This tablet is to be swallowed straight without breaking, chewing, or crushing any liquids.

You should not take a Seroquel tablet for a long time without a doctor's advice as it can lead to serious irreversible disorders.

Do not stop taking Seroquel suddenly. The dosage should always be reduced gradually and then discontinued. Abruptly discontinuing the drug may cause a return of symptoms.

In case of improvement or worsening of symptoms, consult a doctor immediately.

Side Effect of Seroquel?

Even after taking a lot of precautions, quite a lot of you make some mistakes in taking Seroquel tablets, or due to any other reason, you become a victim of side effects of Seroquel tablets.

That's why we are telling you some of the side effects of Seroquel tablets below.

Common Side Effect of Seroquel 

There are two types of side effects with Seroquel, one is the normal side effect and the other is the serious and harmful side effect.

1 feeling dizzy or unbalanced

Sometimes Seroquel tablets make you feel dizzy. You feel unstable. Due to an overdose or a reaction, you suddenly feel that you are not able to balance your balance, so if you feel dizzy after taking a Seroquel tablet, then you do not need to panic much.

2 Joint back or neck pain

After taking Seroquel tablets, if you start getting neck pain in your joints, then this is also a side effect of Seroquel tablets, so it is normal after taking Seroquel tablets. There is nothing to be worried about.

3 Vomiting and sour belching

Seroquel also has an effect on your liver, due to which taking Seroquel can sometimes lead to sour, sour belching, and vomiting, which is a normal side effect of Seroquel.

4 Weight gain

You will see some such side effects of Seroquel tablets, in which your weight starts increasing suddenly, this weight gain starts increasing suddenly and it becomes 2 times more than the uniform normal increase in weight.

5 nosebleeds for a long time

Bleeding Nose is a Normal Side effect of Seroquel Because Everyone While Taking Seroquel Always Makes Any Mistake And The Result of Mistake Is Nose Bleeding.

6 Persistent headache

7 stay irritable
8 Feeling difficult to think or concentrate
9 Difficulty speaking or stammering
10 different dreams

11 Absence of menstruation

12 Abnormal enlargement of breasts in men

13 Loss of desire to have sex

Now we are going to tell you some serious and very harmful side effects of Seroquel.

1 fainting
2 Sudden changes in your vision
Uncontrollable movements of the tongue of the feet of the hands
4 Persistent pain in the penis in men
5 fever
6 fall short
7 sudden increase in heartbeat
8 bleeding
9 Sore throat, Fever, Cold, Cough
10 blisters
11 Tightening of neck muscles or throat

These were some serious side effects of Seroquel tablets. If you experience any of these side effects then it is a matter of concern and you should immediately consult a doctor. Wasting time on such side effects is like calling a bigger problem.

Dosages of Seroquel or Dosages For Seroquel

The effective dosage of seroquel is 400 mg per day. This dosage is for effective treatment, if a person needs it in high quantity, the same is given 400 mg of Seroquel Per Day. Which is taken every night at bedtime.

If the dose of Seroquel is 50 mg per day in the first days of starting your therapy, then on the second day that dose is increased to 100 mg per day, and on the third day the dose is changed to 200 mg per day and on the fourth day is reduced to 400 mg per day.

This is done because if you are given a high dose of Seroquel at starting, it can cause a lot of damage to your immune system, so the Seroquel dose is reduced in starting.

You have to take this dose every night at bedtime.


So Basically Seroquel is a type of medicine that is used in diseases like mental disturbances. You have to keep the dosage of Seroquel 400 mg if you are already taking Seroquel or your disease is on the charm limit. There are many side effects with Seroquel, some of which are harmful and some are common.

In this article, we told you what Seroquel is, what are its side effects, how you can use Seroquel, how you can reduce the side effects, and how many doses of Seroquel should be taken in your foot day. We have given you all these details in this article. It has been told that if you find any mistake in these topics, then you can tell by commenting.

People Also Ask:-

1 What Does Seroquel Do To A Normal Person?

It is not necessary that Seroquel has some side effects every time, if a normal person consumes Seroquel then it is not a harm for him because Seroquel improves your mood, improves your sleep, improves your energy Increases the level, and also increases your appetite. Therefore, if a normal person consumes Seroquel, then he has nothing to fear.

2 What Is Seroquel Used For

Seroquel Is Basically A Medicine Which Used For the Treatment of many types of mental diseases like unconsciousness or many other mental diseases like schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.

3 What Is The Bad Side Effect Of Seroquel?

As you know that there are two types of side effects from Seroquel tablets, we do not need to fear so much from the first side effect but the second side effect is harmful to us.

Later side effects can even take human life. Some of the side effects after Seroquel are fainting Sudden changes in your vision, Uncontrollable movements of the tongue or feet or in hand, Persistent pain in the penis in men, fever,  fall,  short sudden, increase in heartbeat, bleeding, Sore throat, Fever, Cold, Cough blisters, Tightening of neck muscles or throat Etc.

4 Does Seroquel Good For Anxiety?

Yes, absolutely Seroquel is beneficial in all diseases related to anxiety or anxiety. Researchers have found out from huge research done in 2016, that Seroquel is beneficial in all types of problems related to anxiety.

If you have complaints related to anxiety, then you can consume Seroquel without fear and according to the researchers, the people who used Seroquel to relieve anxiety have also become anxiety-free.


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