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In this article, we will be talking about variable resistors, circuit symbols, variable resistor diagrams, function

What is resistor definition?

Ans:-The resistor is a passive electrical component to create resistance in the flow of electric current 

Resistor type:-
  • Wire wound resistor 
  • Carbon composition resistor

  1. Wire wound resistor -
we use a wire wound resistor when there is -
⟣high temperature 
⟣high voltage
⟣high current
⟣high watt 
⟣the value is written on it 
⟣the body of the resistor is hard

  • Carbon composition resistor

carbon composition resistors are divided into three types
  1. fixed resistor
  2. variable resistor
  3. dependent resistor

Fixed Resistor

  1. Metal film resistor
  2. Carbon film resistor
  3. Feasible film resistor

Variable Resistor 

  1. Trimmer resistor
  2. Printed resistor 
  3. Potentiometer

Dependent Resistor 

  1. Volt dependent resistor
  2. Current dependent resistor
  3. Temperature-dependent resistor

Variable resistor

Potentiometer and Trimmer & Printed Resistor 

1. it used to control the flow of current in the circuit 

2. it is a variable resistor

3. the value is changing mechanically or electrically

4. the value is 10ohm to 20 megaohm

5. it has 3 terminals
the potentiometer is larger than the trimmer

6. the symbol is:-

Printed Resistor

printed resistor
printed resistor

1. This is also a Variable Resistor

2. The carbon layer print on the inductor plate

3. it is used for small wattage circuit

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