Top 7 Coins to invest in Under $1 & Top 5 Meme coins | Top crypto to invest in November

  Guys I researched for hours and after discussing many cryptocurrency white papers lying on them with lots of experts.

Top 7 Coins to invest in Under $1 & Top 5 Meme coins | Top crypto to invest in November
Top 7 Coins to invest in Under $1 & Top 5 Meme coins | Top crypto to invest in November

I have got a 50 % return in my portfolio. , My brother, Mr. Prashant.

He just invested in a few trending coins. They have got a return of six hundred percent in a few months. This is the power of the crypto market.

Because of this, the millennium is getting attracted to the crypto market. , Because they are getting more returns in less time Now. If there are more returns, then there will be more risk.

. A lot of buzzes are being made.

It started in 2013 when dogecoin was started. Now, because the time has come for meme coins. Two software developers made meme coins to make fun of the buzz of cryptocurrency.

Friends, Dogecoin got pumped in 2021, Elon Musk also picked it up. . Seeing the success of Dogecoin, many cryptocurrencies came into the market, which we call meme coins.

, Then, by the end of 2021, Shibinu has been pumped now seeing its success. Many meme coins will come.

If you have missed the rally of Shiba Inu, then you would like to know and which are the coins for which you can book profit by participating the rally In this video Neha Nagar is going to talk about the same cryptocurrency, which I see a Little upside side, we can book little profit. Now, where there are returns, there is bound to be a risk.

Now, if anything gets buzz, then cryptocurrency is launched in its name. Meme coins are launched. , As the squid game show had become very famous just now.

. Some developers have launched their own cryptocurrency in his name. , So his buzz became too much his price even reached $ 2800, but then he got dumped.

Its price became -99 %. Investors have lost so much. That's why you also need to be careful, so be careful and invest anywhere.

Only after doing your own research. Till then I am telling you some coins, which I think are going to go up the side. So, let's start the video, Let's start with the Richquake coin.

. This is a meme coin and, like all meme coins, their founder is unknown. Their market supply is 1 quadrillion of which they have burned 50 %.

It was started in June 2021 and gradually it is starting to become buzzing. . It is built on the blockchain of Binance and there is a lot of risks involved.

It can also be a case of pump and dump. , But if I invest a thousand rupees in it, then I will not make any difference. .

So that's why I am investing thousands in this so that if it gains momentum then I can make a profit. . The next CryptoCurrency is Taboo Token, which is fundamentally a strong cryptocurrency, not like meme coins.

. It provides an adult, NFT streaming services platform and it is also slowly building buzz and its price is also going upside.

The next cryptocurrency is the Shiba Inu. It still has potential left. , Because this meme is slowly becoming a fundamentalist cryptocurrency.

, Because their developer teams are working. A lot of them have launched many of their products like NFT, their decentralized exchange. Many brands are adopting this cryptocurrency for the mode of payment, also by collaborating with many brands.

. So there is still a lot of potential left in this cryptocurrency. It can still go upside.

The next currency is Decentraland. , It is working on Virtual Reality on Metaverse. Its price is now $ 2.

. There is also a buzz in cryptocurrency slowly. It is also going sideways.

So if we catch it right here at the right point, then we can see a good profit. . Decentraland is built on the blockchain of ethereum, and in it, you can experience virtual reality.

You can buy land, etc. Decentralend is working on whatever the Metaverse has to do. Next, our cryptocurrency is Bittorrent.

. BitTorrent is a platform where you can do peer-to-peer files. Transfer.

Now BitTorrent was very famous before Then. It was bought by Tron in 2018. Then it was launched in 2021.

As a cryptocurrency. There is still a lot of potential left in it. Its price is running now, 0.

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And their own token is Delta Exchange Token, which has recently given the return of a Hundred percent in just 7 days. We can also add this to our list. Delta Exchange is very safe and secure.

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, The next cryptocurrency is Dogecoin. . Yes, Dogecoin still has a lot of potential lefts.

. He has the support of Elon Musk. His team is becoming a song.

A lot of crypto export ads are being done in his advisory board. . So dogecoin still has potential, it can still go upside Now.

What is the currency? Next? I am taking all of them together because these are all meme coins. And it is not fundamentally strong either. , Their only buzz is being made and their price momentum increases because of the buzz.

So I am taking the names of all of them. . So the first of this cryptocurrency is dogelon.

Mars, second is kishu, inu third is floki, inu and fourth is lovely. Inu and fifth is baby doge. So this cryptocurrency has a lot of buzz in it.

So that's why I have added them to my list. , The last cryptocurrency that has been on my list for a long time. Still, I am holding that safe moon.

I have posted a detailed video about it. You can check it. This cryptocurrency has been expected for a long time that the pump will come, but it is not coming, but still, everyone thinks that the pump will come in it.

. So this was my video about some coins, in which I see upside potential. In these only, I am investing Rs 1000 and as soon as I get the gain in these hundreds percent to hundred percent, then I will take the exit you make your own strategy and act according to them.

Do the research yourself. This video is made for educational purposes only. ? I am not a financial advisor.

See you soon in the next video till then keep learning keep earning and don't forget to subscribe to my channel.

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