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 Furniture hauling business in Russia

Starting capital - from 50 thousand rubles.

How to Start  A  Furniture hauling business in Russia
How to Start  A  Furniture hauling business in Russia

In this article, we will be talking about how to start a Furniture hauling business in Russia. Lack of impressive financial resources for opening your own large-scale enterprise is not yet a reason to throw your invented business project to a distant shelf. Many areas of activity (especially in the household sector) require minimum start-up capital. At the same time, many of them are stable, profitable, and incredibly profitable. For example, some projects can be recouped in 5-10 orders! Today we will talk about just such a business plan - own factory for hauling furniture.

Basically, upholstered furniture very quickly loses its original appearance, especially with long service life. First of all, the upholstery begins to deteriorate. Many families, after changing the interior, prefer to change furniture (for example, more suitable in shade). Some people just get bored with it - they want something new. In the cases listed above, it is not always wise to change the whole furniture, and sometimes it is not always profitable. Furniture repair, as well as upholstery hauling, will take much less time and will be much cheaper.

Another indisputable advantage of this method of restoring furniture is that the procedure does not take much time, it can even be carried out at the client's home. And this means that at first, you can save on renting a workspace (perhaps you decide to work only on departure - then this expense item can be ignored altogether).


  • Organizational moments
  • Necessary equipment
  • Advertising campaign
  • The working process
  • Pricing process
  • Output

The first thing to start with is to draw up the necessary documentation and analyze this market segment in your region. Consider the demand and competition for such services, find out what advertising sources your “competitors” are using. Of course, this stage can be skipped, but it is highly desirable if you have the appropriate skills or money to hire specialists.

If there are few competitors in your chosen region and you can offer potential clients a better quality of work, as well as a lower cost of providing services, go for it! Remember, high quality of work and reasonable prices are the key to successful development.

A small part of the start-up capital will go to the procedure for your registration as an individual entrepreneur (about 5 thousand rubles). The process of registering your small business will not take much time - you can independently contact the city or regional office of the Tax Service of the Russian Federation. Also, many start-up entrepreneurs often turn to intermediaries for help - specialized companies offer their services for registering an individual entrepreneur or LLC for a small fee. The legal procedure in both cases does not take much time - however, you will reduce your waiting in queues with the help of professional assistants.


Necessary equipment

The main item of expenses is the purchase of the necessary set of tools. The minimum package includes:

Special stapler for furniture;

A set of screwdrivers of various shapes;

A set of keys required for dismantling;

Pliers or wire cutters;

Sewing machine;

Also, you will regularly need consumables, such as screws, nails, screws, screws, threads, needles, and so on. It is more profitable to buy materials for upholstery and upholstery of furniture, as well as fittings from wholesalers. Before choosing fabrics, it is better to look into several furniture stores - see what colors are currently in fashion and are most in-demand by customers.

So that potential customers can choose a color scheme, as well as a print for future furniture upholstery, you can prepare a detailed catalog with fabric samples in advance. Usually, wholesalers provide such samples. Otherwise, you can make them yourself based on the selected and purchased material.

Advice: do not skimp on the upholstery - first of all, a potential client pays attention to the quality of the offered fabric. Often, buyers are asked to provide a quality guarantee not only for the work but also for the material. Therefore, before purchasing your main product, ask the sellers about its quality and evidence of assurances about one hundred percent compliance with GOSTs. 

Advertising campaign

A small investment in an advertising company will provide you with the first clients, after which you can begin your “rise to the top”. Any available advertising source will do - newspaper ads, banner/teaser / targeted ads, adding contact details to referral services, small business cards, brochures, and more. Non-standard solutions are welcome. The ideal option is a bright, memorable, and maximally informative advertisement (no matter in what format) with your contact information.

You can distribute your business cards and ads in specialized stores selling furniture or building materials, in markets (as close to furniture departments as possible), and in shopping and entertainment centers. Also, it will not be superfluous to cooperate with repair and construction teams, since often after repair a person wants to change the entire interior, including furniture.

But as in any similar business project, a personal approach to each client, high quality of service, communication, as well as adherence to the agreed time frames - all this can define you on the good side in the eyes of customers (the principle of "word of mouth" in this case will also play into your hands).

A small site (for example, in the format of a portfolio, where the work you have already done will be posted) can also contribute to the influx of new clients. An excellent design option is before/after images. You can also place a product catalog and a range of services on the site. Be sure to include your contact information (phone number and e-mail).

You can create a system of discounts for both new and regular customers. You can also arrange hot offers for some services, for example, on holidays.

The working process

You can significantly expand the range of services provided - in addition to repairing upholstered furniture and replacing upholstery, you can offer potential clients such services as:

Replacement of stuffing material (for example, foam rubber);

Custom-made furniture covers;

Minor repair work (for example, repair or complete replacement of transformational structural elements, springs, supporting frame elements);

Some types of furniture restoration work (if the appropriate tool is available).

For large-sized furniture, which will take more than one day to work with (and in some cases, more than one week), you can offer customers a service for the transportation of large-sized items to your workshop and to your apartment. The main thing is not to go overboard with the payment for such services.

Pricing process

It is necessary to think in advance about the cost of the services provided. They should be as accessible as possible so as not to frighten off potential customers. At the same time, the cost of providing the service should compensate for the money spent on consumables, workflow, and time. The main pricing criterion is the ratio with the cost of new furniture of the same quality.

For example, the client will not be sorry to pay less than 25-30% (of the cost of new furniture of similar quality) for restoration. But if you greatly exceed this indicator (for example, raise it above 50%), then you can scare away some customers - someone will prefer to buy a new sofa, armchair or baby bed , even if the quality is lower than that of the old furniture.

For example: the average cost of replacing the upholstery for 1 upholstered chair is from 250-750 rubles (depending on the type of product: for example, there is a backrest or not, the size of the seat, etc.). For replacing the cover for the mattress, the client will have to pay a large amount - about 2-3 thousand rubles.

The approximate cost of restoration of a classic sofa is from 2 thousand rubles. At the same time, consumables are generally not included in this cost and are taken from the customer as a prepayment when drawing up the contract. For other services (custom-made covers and pillows, furniture stuffing, repair work of varying complexity), it is better to draw up a separate price list.


High rates of profitability coupled with very small start-up capital should attract start-up entrepreneurs even without basic skills - all procedures are extremely simple. Thus, you can recoup all starting investments in the first ten orders! There are also prospects for further development - for example, you can expand the staff, and then start servicing public institutions (theaters, restaurants, cafes, clubs) and office premises.

We also offer you an alternative development option. Since now the demand for automotive peripherals is growing inexorably, you can start replacing the upholstery of car interiors.

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