How to Decorate the Perfect Christmas Tree Step by Step in Blue Christmas Trees

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white whether it's in my decorating whether it's   in my Christmas decorating and in today's article

I'm gonna show you how to decorate the perfect Christmas tree step by step in blue Christmas trees

Blue Christmas Trees
Blue Christmas Trees

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christmas tree on a glam blue Christmas tree.

Blue Christmas Trees
Blue Christmas Trees

You're going to follow a few steps and the very 

first one is i want to i want to explain something   real quick this particular christmas tree right 

here that you guys see that is very bushy and it   has no arms it's basically just the shape of the 

tree um is to be designed on this is not for you   to hang ornaments the bristles doesn't hold any 

weight on them so this is just like a a wreath or   a swag it's just meant to be designed on i've 

been asked a lot ramon where is the tree well   just so you know this particular type of trees 

are to be designed on and not to hang ornaments   from the branches because they they couldn't 

hang on them so think of this specif a specific   christmas tree style like a wreath form or like 

a swag now that that said since we're going to   decide on it i want to explain that because it is 

a green christmas tree the first thing i'm going   to do is i'm going to do a flocking job on it 

i said flocking and so what i do is i basically   start at the bottom you guys on the last article

and i'm going gonna add some branches that are   flocked and for that i have a box of flocked 

picks right here and i'm gonna get him out.

Right here and i'm gonna start moving up so 

basically what you want to do is give him a   curvature right here and then you insert and then 

you fold one of the tips of the tree up so it all   stay in shape and you want to follow the shape of 

the tree you guys see that this is longer then it   gradually gets smaller as it goes up and then also 

you want to go ahead and go all the way around   if your tree is going to be seen on the back 

then i recommend you go all the way to the back   but because this tree literally sits flat against 

the wall then there is no need to really design   the back of it but if your tree is going to be in 

your home in a place where well it's going to be   seen it's like you wouldn't just brush your hair 

on the front you would also brush it in the back   right well you want to do the same with your 

christmas tree you want to make sure that it's   done all the way around and as you guys can see 

this is really changing the look of the tree i'm   going to continue to go up as you go up just make 

sure that you insert going up so they fly away   i'm gonna do one right here 

i'm gonna grab them all.

Blue Christmas Trees
Blue Christmas Trees

I'm gonna come back over on this side like this 

then once i get to the top if you guys can see i'm   gonna do some just standing up like this so they 

fly up and then i feel like i need another one   right here so those are all the flat cedars that 

i have then i'm going to add some of these bushes   and this is also another type of cedar and 

i'm gonna add this in more prominent spaces   to really cover some of that tree as you guys 

can see it's changing the look of this tree   and we're going from having a green tree to 

having more of a flock tree or a snow tree   and this is something that you might want to 

do if you don't want to spend a lot of money   because i'm always telling you guys to collect 

this type of pick because not only you can use   it on your reads and on your swags but then look 

you can change the look of your tree by adding   some of these pigs right here and the reason i 

wanted to add some flocking is because the navy   blue that we're using it's more of a darker 

hue so therefore it's going to show better   in this particular type of treatment all right so 

now that we have our cedars and our tree flocked. 

I'm gonna get the ribbons ready and i'll be right 

back with you you will not want to miss this one   okay let's talk about ribbon and you guys 

have seen me do raven on previous articles but I've never talked to you about the quality of the 

ribbon i really believe that if you were to spend   your money on good quality ribbon it can really 

make and break the look of your christmas tree   and you guys know that i am obsessed with ribbon 

ribbing is one of my favorite things to decorate   with because as you will see in a second it really 

just changes the look of your christmas tree   just by adding the ribbon and for this particular 

tree i selected this gorgeous navy blue   with silver polka dots and then this stunning blue 

and white with ornaments and snowflakes in it i   think together look really really beautiful 

but what you are looking for in a ribbon   is for it to hold its body this is wire and as you 

guys can see it really just holds a shape if you   were to buy just a sheer ribbon or any type of 

less expensive ribbon then it wouldn't hold the   body like this and it won't look as stunning now 

if you cannot afford beautiful ribbons i really.  

Blue Christmas Trees
Blue Christmas Trees

Do recommend to invest in them think about the 

themes that you're going to be doing in the future   and invest in the ravens that is the one thing 

that if you invest on a really elevate the look   of your tree all right so you guys know that 

i like to drop them on the floor and then also   that i like to have all of my tools that they're 

ready so i'm going to get some of these wires out   so that way i'm not battling them so what i'm 

going to do is i'm going to dab tail my top of   course and then what i'm going to do is i'm going 

to start right here at the top and as you guys can   see there's some of these um greenery so what i'm 

going to do is i'm going to do a beautiful loop right here and i have an article this is going to 

be real quick but i have an article I just posted an article on how to add ribbon to your christmas 

tree that i'm going to be linking up right here   right now and then also in the description box 

below so you guys can check it out if you want   to see a whole tutorial on how to add ribbon but 

look this is what i'm telling you guys look how   beautiful this hold this shape just like this and 

that's just stunning so then what you want to do.

Is you grab your 16 gauge wire and just go all the 

way back like this pull really tight and then give   it a few twists i'm gonna go over to this side and 

i'm gonna add this guy right here i'm gonna grab   this bristle and i'm gonna go all the way down 

on it and then i'm gonna just give it a twist and   then remember i really recommend a four inch um i 

think it's a three and a half inch to a four inch   wide because the wider the tree if you put lit 

like smaller ribbons they really don't show those   smaller ribbons they should be just an accent for 

your christmas tree but if you add a four inch   ribbon like this one and then you do a big loop 

like this you want to make sure that it goes all   the way out and then attach right here and look 

how that just shows so much better and so what i'm   going to do is i'm going to do another loop right 

here so i'm going to grab my ribbon and i'm going   to do another little loop then i'm going to grab 

one of these bristles and i'm just going to attach   it right here and look what that does it just 

creates that extra loop right here so now what   i can do is i'm going to do yet another loop right 

here and i'm going to go all the way in and this. 

Is the way that your ribbon is going to really not 

get lost in your Christmas tree and i'm not going   to use a lot of this darker one because I really 

don't want to darken the tree i want to keep it light so i'm going to do one tail right there 

then i'm going to move over to the other side   let me dive tall because if i don't obtain 

my ribbons i know you guys will come in   you guys will come after me all right so now I'm 

going to move her to this side remember this look   should be probably like five to six inches 

then go down pinch twist go up twist and then   twist and we're gonna do one more oh my gosh this 

the ribbon is just absolutely exquisite look at this   so pretty you know one day I'm gonna have 

my own ramona home ribbons and I have so   many ideas of what ribbons especially for 

falling for Christmas should look like so I'm speaking it into existence all right I'm gonna 

go down here and I'm gonna go all the way down   and then I'm gonna attach and look at this you 

basically just created your topper no need for   a topper now so now what I'm going to do is 

i'm going to come right here in the middle.  

And what i like about these rings because you 

can really manipulate this ribbon look at that   so basically just twist right here and i'm going 

to do another loop another little loop right here how gorgeous is this and i just love the way 

these polka dots is like an iridescent glitter   that just catches the light and i love you 

know what i'm gonna do one more loop right here if you guys have any questions be uh feel free to 

leave in the comment section below i will answer   every question i get and then also be sure to give 

this video a thumbs up you guys i can believe that   we get like thousands of people watching the video 

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season all right so now i'm gonna leave another   tail right here and i'm done with that one so now 

we're gonna move on to my favorite and it's this   one isn't this just as always exquisite so what 

i'm going to do is i'm gonna drop it on the floor   i'm going to dovetail right here let's let's try 

and do something different this time so what i'm   going to do so first of all i'm going to start 

with a bow right here because there

So i'm going to do a two-loop 

right here and just make sure that they're big enough like this then 

grab your wire and go all the way back   and pull and I'm going to go in right here look how pretty this is oh my gosh it almost looks 

like like a china sorry china is that however you   say Chinese not sorry reven look at 

this oh my god i just love it i have a problem   with it though the uh the ornaments are upside 

down because the bolt came upside down but i'm   not going to pay attention to it because they still 

look like ornaments so i'm going to cut right here   like that and then what i'm going to do 

is i'm going to do one right here where   my both where both of my little loops were 

we're going to go in look at this dovetail   take your time to dab tell you guys because if 

you don't it's gonna look like that and it's   not very appealing let me tell you what i'm 

going to do is i'm going to do just the one   loop so i'm going to do one tail then i'm gonna 

do just one loop actually I'm gonna do a two-loop.

Decorate blue Christmas Trees

And the beauty about doing the ribbon is because 

you can change the look of your tree if you want   and then i'm going to uh right here i'm 

gonna add it with this particular bow   so now it's gonna look like there's a three loop 

bow right here and just twist around like that and   so now i'm gonna take this ribbon and i'm gonna go 

down this way so i'm gonna do a big loop like this  and look at that isn't that beautiful and 

i'm just gonna cut a dovetail right here   and then i'm gonna move over to the other side 

and that will be it for a ribbon so keep watching okay so the next step is going 

to be to add a few of these   flocked hydrangeas and some pigs in that beautiful 

blue color so i have five of these hydrangeas i   want to find prominent spots like right here 

and i'm going to push them in as far as i can   so that is going to help us fill in some of those 

green voids like right here and remember we always   go back and fluff our ravens so make sure that you 

are your hydrangeas in the spots where there is   more greenery like that and then i'm 

gonna move over to right here maybe. 

Like that and i'm going to go right here 

behind this ribbon you want to go in and   out this is just a filler but it's also going 

to give it some texture to your christmas tree   so then the next thing i want to add is some 

of these beautiful glitter picks and oh my gosh   when i said i'm obsessed with this you guys i know 

i'm obsessed with anything that has glitter in it   but look at this isn't that just easy to be 

obsessed with so what i'm going to do is i'm going   to add some right by where i added the hydrangeas 

and i'm just going to let them fly out like that   every place where i put a hydrangea i'm gonna 

put a pick like this look at that just extends   the shape of the tree it gives it some color and i 

just absolutely love it so i'm gonna add this guy   right here and make sure you add them sideways 

as you guys can see because that will help it   to give dimension to your tree instead of putting 

it flat like this so go ahead and give it a twist   because that will help it also catch the light all 

right so i'm gonna add one right here on the top   like this okay everyone let's recap real 

quick so so far we've added all these flocking.  

Items to the tree to make it look more like a snow 

tree then we added two types of raven i added this   beautiful blue and white ornament and then this 

navy with silver polka dot after that i added a   few hydrangeas i have five hydrangeas right here 

on the tree and five of these beautiful navy picks   with glitter so now what we're going to do is 

we're going to add the ornaments and for that i   have clustered some of these really gorgeous blue 

and white or actual blue and silver in a silver   one and i have some glitter ones and then i have 

some shiny ones so i'm going to show you that by   adding them on this wire right here already what 

you can do is go in here and grab one of these   stems and basically just twist that wire into that 

bristle and look at that it's going to give you a   little cluster of ornaments I'm going to add a few 

and you want to make sure that you go in between   the cedars like right here open them up and then 

go in and attach them the reason why you want   this cedar to serve as your fly away so you want 

to see them tucked in you don't want to see them   like hanging out so i'm going to add another 

one right here and i'm going to go in. 

Like this make sure that i grab one of these 

bristles and you see by adding just one cluster   automatically gives you two ornaments 

i'm gonna add one to the top   over here to make sure that it's all throughout 

the tree so i'm gonna grab this bristle   sorry if i give you my butt but i kind of have to 

see what i'm doing look at that so now you have   that blue ornament all throughout and so now i've 

gathered some just silver ones by themselves and   to fill in so i'm going to go in here and twist 

with my wire and i'm gonna add one right here i have this beautiful silver with white i want 

this to be more of a show piece so i'm gonna   add some of them out let me see i'm going to 

add one right here so you can really see it   right here and as you continue to add ornaments 

make sure that you kind of cluster them together   so that way they're seen from all over the place 

i'm gonna add one right here by this hydrangea   and don't forget to take it all the way to the 

top i have four this came in a box of four so i'm   gonna add one right here to the top so i'm gonna 

grab this right here and just give it a twist. 

Look at that isn't that gorgeous all of these 

silver and blue and white together i'm going   to over right here and then i have some of 

these clear ones with glitter in the middle   these are also a statement piece so i'm going 

to make sure that i find a place where you can   actually see them like right here i'm going 

to grab this wire and just hang it like this   look at that because they don't weigh basically 

anything that is just so easy to attach to your   tree so basically just throw that wire once let 

me see where else do i need i'm going to put one   right here hanging from right here so grab your 

bristle and just give it one stroke to the left   that way when you take them down you know that 

you just throw one to the right and then it'll   basically be it all right so those are the 

ornaments we had some clusters of silver   and uh blue and then some white and silver and 

some clear ones to make it look more elegant so   the next item is going to be the statement pieces 

let me get them all ready and I'll be right back   keep watching well let me tell you guys I am 

having a blast doing these themes for Christmas.  

And I really hope that you are enjoying leaving me 

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the website let's get back to the article okay so now   i'm going to add the florals and i just want 

to mention real quick these flowers especially   these ones that come packaged like this they 

come close like this so if you were to put on   your tree you have to open every single petal all 

that is wired so you can really fluff like this   and look how big that just got just by fluffing i 

want to mention real quick too all of these items   are from Shinoda design center and so many of 

you have called me and told me that or send me   a message or dm on Instagram and told me well 

Ramon is just a wholesaler well if you coach.

Another design center and you tell them that you 

sold a Ramon at home they will let you use my code   that way you can order from them and they'll ship 

it to you so just so you know and the reason why i   like to shop for anode is because it's a local 

business and we like to support local businesses   especially during these times that we are going 

through right now so what i'm going to do is i'm   going to give this a little hook like this and i 

only have three of them so i want to mention this   real quick because i only have three of them i 

want to do a triangle so it looks even on the tree   so i'm going to add one right here and basically 

i'm just going to let it fly like this and then   i'm going to grab the next one after i give it a 

fluff i'm going to go ahead and add it right here   like this and then with the next one i'm gonna 

go up here on the top but now before i how many   of you put your items on your i want you guys 

to be honest with me how many of you put your   items on your trees or your swats or your wreaths 

without fluffing i've made people actually who has   no idea that you're supposed to fluff all of 

your items so basically on this one i'm going to. 

Give it a curvature i'm going to open right here 

and i'm going to go down so that way it stands and   see how it is a triangle but that just visually 

gives it all the balance that it needs to be able   to balance your tree so now what i'm going to show 

you is this pick right here that to say that i am   obsessed with it's just an understatement and the 

reason why is first of all let me take the tag off   because how gorgeous this opens up first 

of all i'm gonna show you real quick   so it comes with two poinsettias a large one and a 

small one but it comes flat like i was telling you   you have to fluff it then right here in the joint 

you bend a little bit you grab your wire cutters   you cut on an angle and so now you have two 

and look you have a rather large poinsettias   so this is the large one and let me open the 

small one so i can show you the difference   and it comes with enough stem for you to be 

able to place it some curlicue some foliages   and then you just it is a small one 

so you just open it up like this   by the way how many of you guys saw the life 

on Facebook that i did, I did a fabulous wreath. 

To match the peppermint theme if you have not 

seen the peppermint theme I'm gonna link it up   on the icard right now or in the description box 

below we did a Christmas tree a swag a lantern   and a mantel and i did a live on Facebook where 

i show you how to do a matching wreath if you   have not seen that live on Facebook i really 

recommend you check it out it was so much fun   so okay it comes with two if you cut it look you 

cut you now have a large poinsettia and a small   poinsettia so what i'm going to do is i have three 

of those stems therefore i have six poinsettias   so what i'm going to do is i'm going to i'm going 

to start right here on the top well i'm going to   start right here i'm going to add one right here 

and when you add poinsettias you want to make   sure that you push them in so it kind of closes 

them up I'm going to do the small ones up on the   top make sure you touch every wire that comes 

with it so I'm going to add this one right here like that and how gorgeous are those are 

so impressive so i have some already open so I'm gonna add this one I put one right 

here I'm gonna add this one right here in blue Christmas trees.

Oh it's so pretty it's just so pretty then I'm 

going to move over to this side and I'm going   to add one right about here moving my ribbon to 

make sure that I don't flatten them out and if   you do flatten them out don't forget to fluff 

them and so now i have two more of the little   ones i already put one on the top so i'm gonna go 

all the way on the bottom and remember to always   to create balance on your reeds on your Christmas 

trees make sure that you always use some of the   same items up on the top as well as you do on the 

bottom and then I have this one right here and   what I did with this one I put a skewer in it and 

then I taped it together and so that way it has a   longer stem to go into the tree but look at all 

the product you get this is just the small one   right here so I'm going to add this guy let's 

see I'm going to order over here on this side   without making sure that my bow is intact 

all right so now I have one last item to add I think you're going to enjoy it if you've 

been watching ramona home for quite any time   then you know that my thing is the flyaways 

whether I'm making a fresh floor arrangement.

A wreath a swag or a Christmas tree you always 

have to have an item like this that is a fly away   that is going to give that three-dimensional look 

to your Christmas tree in this case i found this   gorgeous glitter boxwood pick it is rather long 

but right here where the glitter stops that's   basically all you have to insert into the tree 

i don't know if you guys knew that but where   the glitter starts that's where your showpiece 

is so what i'm going to do is i'm going to find   places like right here and i'm going to add it 

right there and look it just extends the shape   it gives it that three-dimensional feel to 

your christmas tree and it just gives it a very   elegant look so i'm going to add one right here 

right by this magnolia and look at that it makes   everything else just looks so 3d your eye travels 

all the way in i'm going to add one right here   because you have to let your eye dictate where it 

said that the flyaways want to live in order to   make that three-dimensional feel and so now what 

happens on the left is gonna happen on the right i   have about half a dozen of this that i'm going to 

add to the trees i'm gonna add this one right here.

Look at that oh my god it's so pretty and so 

glittery so i'm gonna add one right here let's see and remember we always go back at the end and 

fluff those ribbons you don't want to have   pancake ribbon or flat ribbon we're gonna add 

one to the bottom make sure it spills down and   forward like this if it doesn't want to stay just 

grab your stem and then look push it up and it   all stays right there let's see where else do we 

need one over on this side and just like that we have finished our blue and white 

Christmas tree let me give you a close-up all right so I just want to give you a quick 

close-up of all of the items that we added to   this gorgeous blue and white and silver tree 

starting with this revenue guys check out the   detail of the ornaments with the snowflakes 

the little magnolia that has jewels inside   of it it's just so beautiful and here is a 

close-up of those blue or navy poinsettias   all of the glitter on the boxwood and all of 

the other pigs is just absolutely exquisite   and i want to also show you over here the blue and 

white ornament or blue and silver in this case.

It's just so beautiful and i love the way this 

turned out because it really changed the look of   that really inexpensive christmas tree that was 

behind it i cannot wait to read your comments so well that's all i have for today and i really 

hope you guys enjoyed this video i had a blast   sharing with you how to decorate your christmas 

tree and a step by step with the blue and white   and silver theme i think it turned out absolutely 

gorgeous but i cannot wait to read your comments   so leave me a comment down below and let 

I know what is the theme that you're doing   this Christmas and what do you think about 

this is blue and white and silver if you're new   to the website please consider subscribing 

if you have not seen the peppermint candy   theme I'm gonna link it right here or 

you can just read more articles right now   thank you guys for watching 

until next time goodbye.

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