Decentraland Analysis | Metaverse explained | NFT tokens | MANA SAND

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Decentraland Analysis | Metaverse explained | NFT tokens | MANA SAND
Decentraland Analysis | Metaverse explained | NFT tokens | MANA SAND

Sai goes wherever he goes beyond the bodies. Let's go there, Welcome to Meta Verse Guys What is So Guys Meta, Verse, It's a new world and ours is like this world And whatever work we do in this world, we can do in that world too.

The only difference is that the world only exists virtually.

If you remember, FARMVILLE was a Facebook game, So in that game, you could buy a lot of land, buy clothes. . So in the same way this is the new world Metaverse.

Where you can do a lot of things. Gaming. You can go to events.

You can do auctions, you can buy a lot of things. You can also buy land, You can build a house, you can build a shopping mall and do a lot of work. Whatever you can imagine can be done there.

. So first came web 1.0, which is the same company that fed the data on the internet only in the form of text which we could only read And then came Web 2.

0, which still had text images, videos, and social media. . We can also create a lot of content.

Make our website buy a domain. Then came Web 3.0, which has just arrived and is decentralizing the Internet.

We ourselves can buy some piece of the internet in form of land in form of NFT. . Just like Ariana Grande did a concert using virtual reality.

This means she was in one place in one country and concert somewhere else and came over there. It's all part of virtual reality. If we understand this more, then you can check some movies full movie time.

I tell names like gamers and summer war free guy, and there are many such movies by watching which you can understand. What is the metaverse? You are sitting here and you can do many things sitting here in this virtual world.

You can attend the meeting. You will have an avatar here and he will perform all the work. .

You can buy clothes for your avatar, buy shoes, buy land and how to buy the proof of that will be in the form of NFT. So let's understand this more than. Why did the metaverse come in so much buzz now, because Facebook has changed its name to meta?

. Facebook is working very fast on Metaverse and a lot of companies are doing it and also doing a lot of cryptocurrencies. The top currency in cryptocurrency that is working on Metaverse is Decentraland, Which is everything in this world that is in our normal world.

It has district villagers, shopping, mall, gym golf casino, you can play gaming in it. , There are many events and there are competitions in which you can participate. There is a fest, there is an exhibition and all those adventure activities keep happening.

The piece of land. You are buying here can be traded in NFT, i. e.

non-fundable token. , That is, the piece of land in this world is unique, and the owner proof that you are buying will be its NFT. , So you can buy and auction many such NFTs in it.

, The founders of Decentralend are Ariel and Xtra Band. . Sorry, if I am pronouncing it wrong.

. Those who left this after founding now are not under anyone's control, and I do not control Decentralend. They are only on the advisory board.

So who is running the project? Who are its owners? Who are the owners of the smart contract who have bought the Assets in decentraland? Are the ones running this project And you are called DAO Decentralized, Autonomous Organization? And the committee, that is, the DAO, decides the same and they vote? What will be the role? What will be the regulation like? There are traffic rules in our real world, there are police rules. , So the DEO committee decides all that.

. When is the auction to be held? What will the timing be? All these things, d. a .

o. Only decides. , And you can also vote by visiting the website.

If you own assets in Decentraland, Decentraland has more than 90000 lands which you can buy from them as NFT And after buying. You can build a house there or you can lease it. You can build a shopping mall and you can do many other things that you do in the real world.

. Why would anyone buy land in Decentraland or in any of the Metaverse projects? There are many reasons for this. .

The first reason is that it is for profit. Bought that cheap and later sold it for expensive. .

The second fear of missing out is what is this new For the third position. ? We have something unique and we are part of new technology.

There are many reasons like this So Guys. Now, Let's Talk About Coinswitch Kuber, Who Is the Sponsor Of This Video. , And I am associated with coin switch kuber for the last 3 months.

Along with these, I have already launched videos of 8 cryptocurrencies. That, too, must be checked. .

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Today. Decentralend's token is very trending right now and its rank is 28 and its price is currently running around $ 3 And the way it has a buzz - and there are only a few cryptocurrencies in Metaverse, of which it is one. Its price may soon see us pumping even more.

. So now, let's talk about the economics of MANA. MANA's circulating supply is also 1.

4 billion, and the total supply is 2. 19 billion. .

Now, whatever transaction takes place in Decentraland's marketplace, 2. 5 % MANA is burnt So that if the supply is less and the supply is less, then the price will increase. First.

There was a rule that there will be inflation. As in the countries, inflation is eight percent. , So they also made the rule that there will be 8 percent inflation, but that has not happened.

. As I mentioned two and a half percent burns, the MANA token, whenever there are transactions on the marketplace. , So 600 Million Already Burned, MANA tokens are available on more exchanges than hundreds, like, I told you in my REEL also.

. If you want to do more research about any cryptocurrency, you can visit the coin market cap. There.

You will see the names of all the exchanges in the market column where they are available. And the biggest news is now coming that there is a country in Barbados and they are going to open their embassy in Decentraland. So this is going to be very big news.

This can see us getting a little bit of a price pump, but not much but a little bit. Suppose the token is in competition with sand and AXIE infidelity, which is itself a very good crypto project. Even Mana Token is also a very good project.

I am bullish about it. And do your own research too. , But this is a token in which we do SIP means every time we get it.

We keep buying little by little, and when we get very good returns, then we can sell out. So, who is working on NFT Metaverse Crypto? All these technologies are Decentraland In this. You can experience virtual reality.

You can experience the metaverse and whatever pieces of land are there. It is clothes, then you can use NFT to buy all that. So cow.

This was my video about Decentraland. , So how did you like this video definitely tell in the comment. ? So why did I choose this topic because you made this request to me on Twitter? So if you want a video about any other cryptocurrency, then let me know on Twitter And subscribe to me on youtube.

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