How to start an oatmeal business step by step guide

 How to start an oatmeal business

Investments will be from 1,000,000 rubles OR 14069$(U.S)

How to start an oatmeal business step by step guide
How to start an oatmeal business step by step guide

In childhood, almost all Russians got acquainted with such a product as oatmeal. in this article, we will be talking about how to start an oatmeal business  The dish has a special, not very pleasant taste, but its usefulness is definitely not to be taken away from it. Of course, over twenty years, the production of oatmeal has changed so much that today's final product has many differences from the usual porridge, diluted only with butter and a spoonful of sugar. Modern oatmeal is cooked in a matter of minutes, it does not need to be cooked for a long time, and the dish itself is complemented by various tasty additives in the form of fruits , cornflakes or candied fruits. In addition, oatmeal porridge is considered a dietary product - rich in vitamins and minerals, fiber and other useful substances, it can saturate the body for a long time and give a feeling of lightness.

But that's not all! Ordinary oatmeal today is being transformed into healing infusions and decoctions that will help fight fatigue, nervous breakdown, insomnia and much more. With the help of this product, consumers fight against diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, urinary tract and so on.


  • Main application
  • Cooking technology
  • Package
  • Equipment
  • Premises
  • Market research and advertising
  • Other options
  • Where to implement?

Main application

But the main advantage of the product is its dietary benefit. Anyone who wants to lose weight or is already on a diet often prefers oatmeal. Now cereal porridge has become one of the main dishes of the population not only in England, but throughout the world. A particularly well-prepared dish is suitable for breakfast - a large amount of breakdown fiber and carbohydrates allows you to satisfy your hunger for a long time, and ensure yourself a vigorous morning. At the same time, oatmeal is an excellent fight against obesity and atherosclerosis.

Today, oats can be processed in such a way that they hardly need to be cooked. It is enough to pour boiling water over it and wait a few minutes. A quick breakfast, lunch or dinner is guaranteed! Also, the dish is useful on the road, because it does not require a stove. It is enough to have a simple boiler and a mug with you. The most delicious product is considered to be oat flakes with added fruits, as mentioned earlier. That is why a large assortment of this type of porridge is presented on store shelves.

Even with a large assortment already available, marketers predict a great future for this segment of the market for healthy dietary products and instant breakfasts. In addition to a positive analysis of the market, the advantages of a business for the production of oatmeal include the minimum entry threshold - today, from 700 to 950 thousand rubles will be enough to start a small enterprise. In the future, injections will be needed, reaching up to 5 million, but only after the payback of the initial invested amount. It includes the rental of warehouse and industrial premises, the purchase of raw materials and necessary equipment, utility bills, packaging and advertising, as well as employee salaries.

Cooking technology

Manufacturers use two methods to prepare flakes. The first one is suitable specifically for novice entrepreneurs with a minimum budget, since it involves the processing of ready-made cereals, and not whole, unprocessed oats. This raw material is popular due to the lack of a large amount of waste, as well as the savings in transportation. For example: for 1 ton of flakes, you will have to purchase 2 tons of whole oats, of which feed waste is one of the tons. When purchasing a ton of cereal, the weight of the waste will not exceed twenty kilograms.

One of the significant disadvantages of such production is the lack of proper processing of raw materials. However, manufacturers get rid of several additional operations in the technological process of preparing the cereal itself .


It turns out that the “short” scheme includes:

Cleaning cereals from foreign particles;

drying, leaving 5-9% moisture content;

evaporation and aging process;


cooling process;

packing and packaging of the finished product.

You should consider each of the stages in more detail.

Oat groats supplied for production first enter the grain separator. Here, the raw material is purified from various impurities, as well as the separation of crushed particles and very small cereals. After cleaning on several sieve diameters, the cleaned semi-finished product enters the dryer, where it is dried to 5-9% moisture content.

After drying, the groats undergo another stage of cleaning - husks and other remaining debris are removed here. For this, it is fed to a grain separating machine. Also, the device separates unbroken grains and various impurities.

Collapsed groats - completely ready for further processing, are fed into a special hopper.

Unbroken raw materials must go through the entire process anew.

In order to ultimately have a minimum amount of unbroken cereals, you should choose high-quality oatmeal.

Important: Waste from production can be sold - many livestock enterprises buy it to feed their livestock. We can say that the production of oatmeal flakes is practically waste-free, which brings more profit to the owner.

The processed groats go to steaming, and then to the flaking machines. After the final stage, oatmeal, everyone's favorite dietary cereals, appear.

Then the flattened groats undergo a final cleaning stage to separate very small particles and husks. The finished product is packed in cardboard boxes with a volume of half a kilogram or one kilogram. This container is additionally packed in craft paper, in which the goods will be in the warehouse until they are sold.


Due to the high content of unstable and easily oxygenated fat in the flakes, experts recommend storing the product only in sealed packaging. Also, this approach will help protect the product from the appearance of pests (appear in any grain crops). The best container for oatmeal is paper covered with polyethylene on top. At the same time, you can save on a cardboard box by selling the goods in a bright sealed bag with a picture and your company logo.


In order to produce high-quality oatmeal, for storage of cereals and finished products, as well as for cleaning, transportation and separation, it is necessary to equip a special automated line. For significant savings on the necessary equipment, you can choose from used devices. For owners of a larger budget, a wide range of new equipment is presented on the Russian market. In addition, industrial scales and other auxiliary devices will be needed to receive raw materials.

So, to start production on a small budget, you will definitely need:

Grain steamers with maximum power.

Tempering collections.

Conditioning machines.

Dryers - it is better to choose belt dryers.

Screeners and equipment for cooling finished flakes.

Completion of the technological process requires filling and packaging devices, automatic transportation, as well as equipment for storing finished products (for example, a car).


To accommodate all the necessary equipment, you need to choose a room with an area of ​​more than one hundred square meters. In this case, the presence of electricity and all other communications is required. Manufacturing located outside the city will bring less rental costs. In addition, it is much more difficult and much more expensive to find a premises suitable for all the requirements in the city. But it is also not worth moving away from the settlement for many kilometers - in this case, you will have to increase transport costs for the delivery of the necessary raw materials and finished goods.

For those who like to get everything and immediately the option of purchasing a ready-made production of oatmeal is suitable. Consider such an offer only if the production is located in your region. According to the latest data, a company with two rented production premises (about 1500 sq. M.), Which produces steamed oatmeal and cereal with a staff of 30 people, can be bought for two to three million rubles.

In order to avoid difficulties and other difficult situations in the absence of any experience in this area, it is advisable to attract qualified specialists to begin with. It doesn't matter if you buy a ready-made business or start it from scratch. This way you can minimize the risk of spending most of your budget initially.

Market research and advertising

A new brand always requires the involvement of an experienced and professional marketer. It is not worth saving on this to get a good sale. There are a huge number of brands on the market that produce ordinary Hercules oat flakes for both conventional cooking and instant cooking. To grab the attention of consumers, you need to diversify the components of the finished product. For example, add berries, fruits, candied fruits or dried nuts.

Important : By adding dried fruits, berries or other additives to your product for a better taste, you will have to add to the production the stage of drying thoroughly washed fruits with high temperatures. You can use the technology of dehydration - sublimation. However, this type of equipment is very expensive.

The variety of your assortment will also help - portioned packing. A bag of delicious oatmeal will attract the attention of office workers, lovers of dietetic fast food, private childcare facilities and so on.

Other options

The quick breakfast industry is filled with various offerings, so you can turn your attention to other, alternative options for making products from oatmeal. A variety of decoctions, drinks, oat milk and yoghurts with whole flakes are in good demand today.

Do not forget about recipes for various desserts with the addition of oatmeal. It will not even be difficult for an experienced technologist to adapt good homemade recipes for industrial production. In addition, the specialist will significantly improve the recipe, which means that the finished product will be tastier and better several times. This idea is practically not in demand, which makes it possible to consider it as a promising industry for the production of delicious products from oatmeal or flakes.

Where to implement?

Companies producing oatmeal with and without fillers sell ready-made semi-finished products in grocery stores, large retail chains, supermarkets, and hypermarkets. It will be difficult for a beginner to get on the shelves of large stores with their products, so you can start from the district markets of your region. It will be much easier to arrange deliveries - this also applies to agreements between you and the store owners.

It is imperative to conduct advertising campaigns with the placement of advertisements and other POS-materials in the places where your products are sold. Also don't forget about internet marketing and local radio.

Consider the seasonality of your enterprise - basically, the demand for cereal products increases from the end of autumn to the end of spring - it is at this time that most citizens are preparing for the beach season. The boom in diets, weight loss and healthy lifestyles comes by the warm season. The exception is portioned cereals for breakfast and lunch - they are purchased regardless of the season.

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