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 Planning a baby shower may be intimidating, but with the correct planning and preparation, it can truly be a delightful experience.

Here are some suggestions for throwing a memorable baby shower:

How To Plan a Fun and Memorable Baby Shower
How To Plan a Fun and Memorable Baby Shower

Choose a date and time.

If you want it to be a surprise, arrange the celebration for your guest of honour's 7th month of pregnancy, which is the ideal period for the pregnancy to be healthy and she to be able to move around. Involve your husband in the surprise to ensure that the day and time you've chosen are ideal (and to get present ideas!). Otherwise, inquire about the mother-to-preferred be's date for the baby shower!

Make a financial plan. v

You don't have to cover all of the costs on your own (unless you can and want to! ), and you can enlist the help of your close buddies. The initial step is to create a guest list. If it's a surprise baby shower, you can make the list yourself; if it's not, you can ask the guest of honour. The next steps will be easier if you know how much money you have to spend and how many people you'll be serving.

Choose a location and a theme.

Choose an appropriate place for your baby shower based on your budget. It might be at a café, restaurant, or even a friend's backyard, depending on your budget. Consider the mommy-to-preferences be's in terms of the theme and décor. It could be as simple as a colour scheme dependent on the gender of the baby. Make sure the flowers are purchased on the day of the party! 

Make a menu.

Make sure your menu isn't too complicated! Salads, sandwiches, small sliders, or even pizza are all good options. A barbecue might be wonderful if the baby shower is held in the garden. But don't forget to solicit feedback from your honoured visitor!

Make a programme flow chart.

Baby showers are simple affairs. They usually contain entertaining games relating to pregnancy and babies, the opening of gifts, giving advice to the expectant mother, and friends celebrating new life in general. Look for entertaining games, music, and other forms of amusement. Remember the party favours!

Follow these simple steps to prepare a memorable baby shower, and everyone, especially the honoree and her guests, will have a great time!

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