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how to increase reading speed and comprehension

I'm not going to go over any facts or myths about speed reading because they've already been covered in several books and articles. My main interest is for individuals who want to understand the fundamentals of rapid reading. You must first believe that it is possible before you begin.

how to increase reading speed and comprehension
how to increase reading speed and comprehension

 It is meaningless to begin training if you are unsure whether or not it can be learned. Second, you should have good reasons for learning how to speed read, since if you don't, you'll most likely quit up; the results don't happen overnight. I can assure you that it is not simple. So, why would you want to learn to read faster? When will you be able to use it?

When preparing to take an exam, when preparing to speak on a subject you've recently learned about, when you've been given a little amount of time to read a large novel that you need to summarise, and other similar scenarios, speed reading may come in handy. These are only a few reasons why having talent is advantageous. The first three steps are listed below and should be followed to the letter.

1. Develop a voracious reading habit.

I don't think you'll like learning to speed read if you don't enjoy reading, but it's not enough to enjoy reading or to read once in a while. You must have a strong desire to read widely and learn about a variety of topics. Also, consider trying to read quickly with all words visible but none registering in your head because many of the words you see are unfamiliar to you. Reading frequently improves one's vocabulary in a flash. If you don't have any problems with this initial step, the rest of the stages will be much easy for you.

2. Enhance your vision. Naturally

if your vision is bad, you won't be able to read quickly. Do actions that will aid in the improvement of your vision. If necessary, wear glasses or contact lenses. Because speed reading training requires you to read furiously, relentlessly, and in large amounts, your eyes may be strained. Perform some eye exercises to keep your eyes healthy. Look for articles on the internet that offer advice on how to improve or maintain your vision.

3. Read out loud.

 You slow down by vocalizing the words you read. Practice reading without using your lips or even your thinking. Give your mouth something to chew, such as gum or a pencil, if it's too difficult at first. It's critical that you get used to this style of reading so that your attention isn't split between reading and listening. When you read aloud, you're more likely to focus on your voice pronunciation, which slows you down.

The first three things you must accomplish are as follows. Make it a habit to read at least once a day. Remember to practice reading without using your voice. After you've completed the above, the next steps I'll cover in Part 2 will be much easier. Reading will teach you a lot.

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