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   In this article, we will discuss how you can draw a human heart in 5 easy steps. This article will help you with school assignments and school projects. If you are a science student or you are a primary school student and thinking to choose a science stream then you should know how to draw a human heart easily. This will also be helpful for those who are very bad at drawing.

  please note that I am also not good at drawing. I tried my best to draw a heart. You can make it much better if your drawing accuracy is good. Let’s start without wasting time.


   Draw a simple mango-like structure with a thick stem. Also, draw two pipes on that mango-like structure. To get a hint on how to draw that structure you can look at the below image.

How to draw the human heart


 Now add horizontal pipes on mango intersecting stems at the half and draw a circular pipe on that horizontal pipe. Look at the below image of how to draw that pipes.

How to draw the human heart 


  Now you have to complete that half mango by adding the next structure. And don’t forget to add pipes on that next half.

How to draw the human heart 


  Now add some veins on the heart like shown in the figure below.

How to draw the human heart 


  Now you have to use colors in this image only red and blue, but you can use any type of colors. My color filling skills are a bit weak but you can fill it nicely if your color accuracy is good.

How to draw the human heart 

  Now your human heart diagram is ready to show your teachers or parents. Share this with your friends who need these steps to draw a perfect human heart diagram.  

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