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 How to Draw a Cactus

  In this article we will discuss how to draw a Cactus in 5 easy steps. Follow our 5 steps or read this article till end to draw a beautiful article. Sometimes what happens you try to draw anything direct but it spoil your complete drawing so follow below steps to draw a cactus image easily. This article will be helpful for your School project or for any assignment work. This type of simple images looks cool and does not take too much time to draw. Also you can use this type of images to decorate your works. It will be drawn in a simple paper.

Material Required to Draw a Cactus

1. Paper (which you can easily avail)

2. Pencil

3. Eraser

4. Color (Sketch pan, Pencil color, water color etc.)


 Draw a simple but thin Baseball bat like structure. You can draw it of any size according to your requirement. Draw a structure like below image.


How to Draw a Cactus


  Draw to simple branches on both the sides of simple Cactus. Right side branch draw in the middle of Cactus and another on left side just below the center. Look at below image to get idea, how to draw branches.


How to Draw a Cactus


  Now Draw a pot just at the bottom of the Cactus bat. You have seen so many pots In many images of flower pot or etc. to get idea how to draw a pot look at the below image.

How to Draw a Cactus



  Now draw some spikes on all over the Cactus. Also draw some Cactus at the border so that it looks cool. Don’t forget to draw spikes on the side stems. Look at the below image to know where you have to draw spikes


How to Draw a Cactus


  Now you can fill colors on Cactus and Pot both. Look at the below image to know how to put colors on cactus plant. I just did it some dark in color but you can use light colors. After filling colors, your Cactus’s spike may hide then you can do it again with black pan. Also don’t forget to draw a border around it.


How to Draw a Cactus

 Now your Cactus plant drawing is ready. You can use colors according to you. Share this article with your friends so that they also know how to do it easily. Also you can comment us to what you want to draw easily. We are trying to our best to help you in drawing anything easily.    

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