How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost {updated}

Friends, everyone has their own reasons for buying a smartphone. That's why everyone buys smartphones from different companies according to their needs. This article is specially for those people who buy phones according to their needs and not by looking at the brand. With the help of this article, you will be able to know which type of smartphone you should buy. How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 |Smartphone Buying Guide |

How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 in Hindi

1. Checklist

 So friends, whenever you have got any expensive thing or any electric item like smartphone or laptop, you should first make a checklist so that you can get an idea which phone or laptop you should take.

How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost
How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost

2. Which phone to get 5G/4G?

 Many people say that they should not take a 5G phone because they do not even know what their bends are. But I am not among them, according to me 5G will come in next 1.5 to 2 years. And 5G testing is also on. If you use your phone less than 1 year then there is no problem you can go towards 4G, but if you use your phone for 2 to 3 years then you should take 5G phone only.

How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost
How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost

 And you don't even have to worry about the bends because the bends can also be reached through the update to your phone. And nowadays, between 15 to 20 thousand, you can get such 5G phones which can compete with 40 to 50 thousand phones. So according to me you don't even need to spend much. Just remember, friends, the processor of whatever phone you are taking should not be more than 1 year old. Because many things are updated in the new chip which makes the new processor better than the old one.

3. Amoled or Episy Display?

 Many such best smartphones have been launched in 2021, which give phones with amoled display at low cost. According to me you should go towards Amoled. Because in 90% of use cases, amoled is more useful. If you take a refresh rate of 120hz with up amoled then it will be the best. But if you have the option with 120hz IPS and with 60hz amoled, then you should go for amoled. Because there is no use with 120hz IPS. 99% of games support 60fps only. The touches of 120hz will be smooth, but the blacks and colors of amoled are very good as compared to IPS.

How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost
How to Buy Best Smartphone in 2021 by netlinehost

 And yes friends, even if your budget is around 10 thousand, you will definitely get Full HD screen. Another thing that we don't talk much about is the weight of the phone, don't take too much phone because you won't feel more comfortable by putting them in the pocket. If it is a light phone, then it will feel comfortable in the hand and also in the pocket.

4. Battery and Fast Charging

  Nowadays fast charging is a trend. 30W is now the base. Now chargers of 100W and 120W have also come in the market. But according to me, there should be balance in it, because the charger has come fast but according to that the battery capacity smartphone companies are not giving. I am not talking about everyone, there are some companies which give less battery capacity, at least one of the best smartphones should have 4500mAh battery. According to this smartphone buying guide, the battery should be at least so that the user can rest for a day. Get out of And the charger should also not be less than 30W.

Battery and Fast Charging| netlinehost
Battery and Fast Charging| netlinehost

5. Glass/Plastic Bake?

  You can buy a phone with either of the two backs, but if you can put your phone in the cover, then take a phone with a plastic back, and you feel that you do not want to keep your phone in the case, then you can go for glass. Can go to Beck. That's why you should use it with a plastic back cover because if you use it without a case, then scratches can come on it. Due to which your phone will look bad and old very soon.

Glass/Plastic Bake| netlinehost
glass plate back|netlinehost

6. RAM and ROM

 In my opinion 6GB is required for a best smartphone. Nowadays people do a lot of multitasking in which a lot of RAM is used. If you have a phone with 4GB of RAM, then that is also not less, but while multitasking in it, your phone can run with a little stick.

 If we talk about storage, then even if your phone has an SD card slot, still choose 128GB storage. Friends, the quality of today's camarao has increased so much that many times a single photo becomes 20-25 MB. And the same storage gets filled very soon. If your budget is not much then you can go for 64GB more.

7. Camera

 Friends, sometimes I feel that we are paying too much for hardware and sensors. I don't mean that there is no need for them, I mean megapixel fight everyone keeps saying that my camera is 48MP, mine is 64MP and many more. I don't think we need 108MP right now. And even in quad cameras, 2-2 MP cameras are of no use. According to me, 48 or 64MP is fine for the best smartphone. But we should pay more attention to the software than the hardware. How the post processing of the photo is done is very important. According to the smartphone buying guide, 48 MP camera is enough.


  Camera features have more importance than megapixels. You should see the camera app whether it has all the features you need or not.

8. OS/UI

  Most of our interaction with the phone is from the UI. And in the last few years every single smartphone brand like OnePlus, Oppo, Vivo, Samsung and many more brands have improved their UI a lot. But still somewhere

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