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 Business plan for the production and marketing of shampoo

Shampoo production in Russia is not yet a very competitive business. Global manufacturers offer a wide range of hair care products, but the well-established brands over time begin to save on the composition of the products, thereby losing quality and customers. Produce a quality product, and the right advertising will generate demand.

Business plan for the production and marketing of shampoo in russia
 Business plan for the production and marketing of shampoo in Russia

The content of the article:

  • Product range
  • Production technology
  • How to open a workshop
  • Sales of finished products
  • Finance
  • Other profitable business ideas

The production and trade of shampoos require a list of mandatory documents:

certificate of an individual entrepreneur (IP);

TN VED code;

certified and detailed product description (composition, labeling).


Product range


The shampoo is a hair care cosmetic whose main task is to cleanse the hair.

In addition, it can perform a number of additional functions:

preventing the appearance of static electricity;

  • scalp care
  • strengthening hair
  • protection of hair from external factors (cold, sun), etc.

Depending on the consistency, there are several types of shampoos:

  • powder
  • spray can
  • cream
  • liquid
  • gel.

The latter two are the most popular among consumers: they have an affordable cost and are easy to use.

Means are produced for different types of hair, adding certain formulas to them for better care. Consider this when developing a business plan. The larger the range of products you can offer, the more buyers you will be interested in.

Shampoos are distinguished by a purpose:

  • cosmetic
  • medicinal
  • with special care
  • children
  • for dry, oily, and normal hair.

It will be very difficult to establish the manufacture of medicinal products, therefore, it is better not to consider this option.

In the future, the business plan can be supplemented by the production of similar products: soaps, gels, creams, and other cosmetics. For this purpose, you can use the equipment for the production of shampoos.

Production technology


The production process is directly dependent on the components used. The recipe is perhaps the most important step in the hair shampoo business.

The main component of any shampoo (without introducing the features of manufacturers):

water - mixing of components (up to 75% of the composition);

surfactants (surfactants) - remove contaminants (up to 25% of the composition);

cocamide, glyceryl cocoate, other detergents - wash, form foam, also make the liquid thicker, better spreading;

emollients - thicken the structure, act as a conditioner;

silicone oils - give shine, thickening, make hair smooth; can cause allergies, but they make the hair easier to comb (about 0.5%);

panthenol, shea butter, nut butter - moisturize, add shine;

alcohol - makes combing easier due to its lubricating properties;

wax - improves the consistency and appearance of the liquid;

the sodium salt of citric acid - restores the hair structure, regulates the pH level;

additives - care, saturate with vitamins, protect from the sun;

flavors, fragrances (up to 0.5%).

Check each component for quality, otherwise, your product will not pass the test.

The production process can be divided into the following stages:

selection of recipes;

quality testing of components;

preparation for mixing;

multilevel water purification;

a mixture of water and alcohol is added to the reactor (mixing is disabled for now);

mixing PAF with other components;

adding flavors, fragrances;

supplying the finished shampoo to the sludge container;

quality test.

An important point is the choice of water: it must go through several stages of purification.

After all the stages, the finished product is bottled. A certificate is issued for each batch of shampoo.

When storing products, the temperature should not be lower than 5 ° С and not higher than 25 ° С.

How to open a workshop

Stop the choice of premises on a small building, when starting a business this will be enough, and if successful, you can expand.

Hire 5 operators to service.

The line includes:

reservoirs (receiving, intermediate);

three-layer boiler with stirrer;


dosing machine;

labeling machine.

For more information about the equipment, see the article Equipment for the production of shampoo.

Sales of finished products


The main difficulty in the shampoo business is marketing. Competition is high both among domestic and foreign manufacturers. The best marketing route is the contractual basis of the shampoo business. That is, you make the products of a well-known company according to the specified recipe. Only then strictly adhere to the established brand guidelines, as compliance is very strictly checked.

When manufacturing, not directed towards individual production, keep in mind that current trends are focused on products from natural raw materials. Create a natural line, and with the right advertising campaign, it will be a success.


The initial investment in the production of shampoos is on average 3,000,000 rubles. This amount includes the production of 20 tons of shampoo and the rent of the workshop.

The largest amount will need to be spent on the purchase of equipment - about 2,000,000 rubles.

The purchase of raw materials will cost 15,000 rubles.

The payback period is up to 3 years.

Other profitable business ideas

1. Production of sanitary napkins is a profitable business because modern society does not save on hygiene products. In addition, this business is distinguished by a simple manufacturing method.

2. We create a toothbrush business with a focus on unique design. The competition in the market is too high. Although the business is pretty simple, you have to be able to compete.

3. We produce washing powders: powder composition, workshop preparation, equipment selection, and everything you need for a successful business. The demand for the product is high, but the main thing is to get the right approach to the issue of sales.

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