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 How to Secure Cloud Computing

 How to secure cloud computing in the new year and beyond is the topic of discussion among IT executives and others who understand the risks involved. There are two major questions to consider in this regard: how to secure cloud services in the short and the long-term, and how to implement it within your enterprise. Cloud computing has had its fair share of supporters. As for those who doubt its ability to deliver, the simple answer is: when it isn't working, it's not working! The reality that no one was prepared for or knew existed 10 years ago is no longer the reality that exists today.

How to Secure Cloud Computing
How to Secure Cloud Computing

In this first part of a two-part series titled "Securing Cloud Computing on the New Year", authors Aleksey Yaroshevsky and Ivanoles respectively describe what they call a "rapid elasticity" approach. Using the example of Amazon's Web Services ( AWS ), they describe how a business can define its own parameters and how these can be met by AWS. They also explore some characteristics of the cloud environment that make it more suitable to meet the rapidly changing needs of today's enterprises. This second chapter presents some recommendations for securing cloud computing in the new year, especially as it relates to availability and ease of use.

How to secure cloud computing in the new year and beyond

 The first part of the second article described some characteristics that make AWS a more attractive choice compared to SaaS or other hosted computing service alternatives. These include a smaller footprint, easy access for developers and the ability to quickly scale to meet growing demand. The second chapter describes some considerations for choosing an appropriate cloud server for your organization. It makes clear the difference between a virtual and dedicated server, as well as the differences between an IaaS and EaaS model. The third chapter goes into some detailed information about securing your cloud server.

How to Secure Cloud Computing
How to Secure Cloud Computing

How to secure cloud computing in the new year and beyond. The second article described some characteristics of services such as Zuul and aws-for-all. These two service models provide a full range of tools for creating a secure network and providing access from any device with Internet access. This chapter looks at some of the considerations you will face in choosing one of these models.

How to secure cloud service providers

 In the second article, we took a look at some recommendations for cloud service providers. Two specific issues are addressed here. The first discusses the importance of AWS's region-free pricing model. The second highlights some characteristics of IaaS service models. These include easy implementation and a straightforward set of guidelines for configuration.

Security issues of the summer were discussed in the first article... Specifically, we looked at issues of vulnerability of data to outside influences, data loss, and data theft. The second article addresses three other important security challenges. These include...

A cloud computing service provider should be evaluated based on its level of service, security measures, and cost. A Kaspersky Lab research study found that 60% of the servers used by Internet casinos had exposed server files. While it is unlikely that this percentage is ever exceeded, even a small number of servers exposed damaging data could be disastrous. A cloud server needs to be evaluated using the security measures it offers. It is possible that even one exposure could allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access to confidential information or data. Thus, a cloud server needs to protect sensitive data by utilizing multi-factor authentication.

How to secure cloud computing in the future.

 In the first article, we looked at three primary cloud security challenges. If these issues are not addressed, another cloud security challenge will be encountered. As organizations become increasingly dependent upon cloud computing services... 3 more issues will become major concerns. By addressing these issues, an enterprise can protect its most sensitive data and information.

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